Costa neoRomantica & Deutschland

Yesterday afternoon two cruise ships called at Bergen; Costa neoRomantica and Deutschland.


Built in 1993 for Costa Crociere as Costa Romantica, she has a length of 219 metres and an original gross tonnage of 53,000.

Cruise Ship Costa neoRomantica in Bergen
Costa neoRomantica alongside at Bontelabo
In 2009 a small fire broke out in one of her generators off the coast of Uraguay, which led to the ship sitting dead in the water for 24 hours with no electricity, running water or functioning toilets (a situation which parent company Carnival would have to deal with on several occasions across their fleets in the following years). After the incident repairs were made and Costa Romantica soon reentered service.

Cruise Ship Costa neoRomantica in Bergen
Costa neoRomantica's bow and forward superstructure
In November 2011, Costa Romantica underwent an extensive 90 million Euro upgrade and refurbishment. This included substantial additions to the ship, with the creation of two new half-decks at her forward end, increasing her gross tonnage by around 3,000. She emerged with a radically altered profile, and the new name Costa neoRomantica.

Cruise Ship Costa neoRomantica in Bergen
Costa neoRomantica, with the two recently added decks visible at her forward end
Costa neoRomantica's original sister ship Costa Classica has yet to receive these modifications. For comparison, see my photos of Costa Classica's recent call to the city here.

Cruise Ship Costa neoRomantica in Bergen
The modifications to her central sections can be clearly seen in this profile view.
Following a very warm day in Bergen, Costa neoRomantica made her departure towards Amsterdam. The following photos were taken from the bathing platform at Nordnes Peninsula.

Cruise Ship Costa neoRomantica in Bergen
Costa neoRomantica departs Bergen 
Cruise Ship Costa neoRomantica in Bergen
Costa neoRomantica heads into Byfjorden on her way to Amsterdam

Also in Bergen yesterday was the cruise ship Deutschland, operated by Peter Deilmann Cruises. Built in 1998 she has a gross tonnage of 22,400 and can carry just over 500 passengers served by a crew of 260.

Cruise Ships in Bergen
Deutschland alongside at Skolten Nord, with Costa neoRomantica visible behind
MS Deutschland is the setting for the German TV show Das Traumschiff, which is similar to the popular American show The Love Boat and has run for several decades on a number of different ships.

Cruise Ship MS Deutschland in Bergen
Deutschland turns after reversing away from Skolten Nord 
In 2000, MS Deutschland was touched by tragedy when Air France Flight 4590, a Concorde chartered by Peter Deilmann Cruises to carry passengers to New York for a 16-day cruise to Ecuador, crashed shorty after takeoff from Paris. All 100 passengers and 9 crew members were killed, along with 4 on the ground at the crash site. The tragedy triggered the eventual demise of Concorde's career as a commercial supersonic aircraft.

The cruise on Deutschland departed New York as planned, with 100 empty berths. Six of the passengers on that voyage had been due to board the ill-fated Concorde, only to be moved to a later flight at the last minute due to overbooking.

Cruise Ship MS Deutschland in Bergen
Deutschland departs Bergen
Today Deutschland continues to sail for her original owners. During the 2012 Olympic Games in London she took a short break from her cruising schedule to act as a hospitality ship for the German Olympic Committee.

Cruise Ship MS Deutschland in Bergen
Deutshcland makes her way through Byfjorden to continue her current cruise
Exactly on schedule, Deutschland slipped her moorings and departed for Kristiansund, her next port of call.


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