Seabourn Legend

Today Seabourn Legend, Artania and Horizon all called into Bergen. I was not in the city centre to watch them depart, but fortunately during a trip I took with a friend we spotted Seabourn Legend ahead, and picked up our speed to move alongside her and get a few photos.
Seabourn Legend Cruise Ship Bergen
Approaching Seabourn Legend
Seabourn Legend is a small cruise ship, with a gross tonnage of just under 10,000. Entering service for Royal Viking Line in 1992 she joined the Seabourn fleet in 1996 and has been sailing with them ever since.

Seabourn Legend Cruise Ship Bergen
Seabourn Legend departing Bergen
In 1997 Seabourn Legend featured in the film 'Speed 2: Cruise Control'. Much of the production took place onboard, providing an interesting look at the ship. The final scenes of the film feature Seabourn Legend crashing into an island. At the time this ranked as the most expensive stunt ever filmed.

Seabourn Legend Cruise Ship Bergen
Seabourn Legend
Seabourn Legend Cruise Ship Bergen
Coming alongside Seabourn Legend
As Seabourn Cruise Line continue to expand their fleet of newer ships they are gradually phasing out Seabourn Legend and her sisters Seabourn Pride and Seabourn Spirit, having agreed the sale of these 3 ships to Windstar Cruises.

Seabourn Legend Cruise Ship Bergen
Seabourn Legend making around 15 knots on her departure from Bergen
Seabourn Pride left the fleet earlier this year, and Seabourn Legend will move to Windstar in April 2015. This is her last scheduled call to Bergen, so it is highly unlikely she will be seen here under her current name again.

Seabourn Legend Cruise Ship Bergen
Seabourn Legend departs Bergen for the final time
After navigating the waters around Bergen, Seabourn Legend made her way for the final time to the open waters of the north sea, and onwards to Copenhagen.

Artania Cruise Ship Bergen
Artania departing Bergen
During the return trip we caught sight of Artania in the distance. This time we did not attempt to catch up, and instead watched her making her way toward Bremerhaven.


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